We wanted to write a blog about the principle of the Zero Waste Hierarchy. But sometimes other people already have done the job in such a good way that we do not have much to add. So instead of creating our own content based on experiences and existing literature, we invite you to check the image below and to read this blog about the zero waste hierarchy. Enjoy reading!

zero waste hierarchy


In this zero waste hierarchy, the lowest category is considered ‘unacceptable’. We agree, because valuable (virgin) materials are lost that cannot be renewed. One step above, ‘ residuals management’ also causes many problems, as many landfills are poorly managed.

To better understand the scope of plastic pollution, we analysed different articles and blog. We feel this blog from Happiness without gives a pretty good overview. Dive in their article to learn how much plastic waste is being produced. We quote their most important advice:

The best way to help is to limit your use of single-use products whenever possible. Actions like bringing your own bags to the grocery store and purchasing your own multi-use water bottle are small steps. 

More important is supporting wider-ranging political initiatives such as plastic bag bans and ensuring high-quality water available to more people. Even if these programs mean a little more inconvenience or cost for you, the effect can be much more positive and wide-ranging than simple individual actions.