Find Refill Stations & Join the #Refillution! 

Refill stations are expanding all over the world. Bring your durable bottle and a smile, and get yourself a water refill. Save money and reduce single-use plastics now.


Refill stations can be inside bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and in public spaces (water ATM’s or public fountains). Whether you are a citizen or a tourist, look for refill window stickers or use one of the Refill Apps to find the nearest station. We recommend you to use one of the following apps (in our opinion, these apps stand out because of the scope and user-interface):

Are there no refill stations in your area? Enter a bar, restaurant or shop and just ask for a water refill (please check whether the water is save to drink). Or become a refill ambassador yourself!


Unfortunately, there is not one single database for all refill points worldwide. With Refill Ambassadors, we want to stimulate the #Refillution. Therefore, we analysed different refill organisations/refill apps and made an overview per country.

How does it work? Click on the links below to visit the website of these organisations. Firstly, it helps to find refill points wherever you are. Both in your local neighbourhood or when travelling. Secondly, you can put your own tap on the map. Because the more refill stations, the easier it becomes to refill your bottle. 

We are working hard to keep this list up to date. Do you want to know more about the people behind these organisations? Read our “Best Practices” interviews. Are you missing a country? Please let us know.


We dream of a world where plastic waste does not exist. But we cannot achieve this alone. The more people choose to stop buying single-use plastics, the sooner refilling becomes the norm. Together we can change the way we use and waste plastic packaging. Like water bottles, coffee cups and food containers. 


  • Always carry a reusable bottle with you (your Best Bottle Forever, or BBF). Even better: carry your own reusable cup, food box and cutlery too.
  • Look out for places where you can refill your bottle. Use one of the Refill Apps or ask around at your accommodation, in restaurants and bars. Found a spot? Great! Bring your empty bottle and your smile, and start refilling. 
  • Spread the word. Inspire others to refill and bring their own bottles, cups and more. Guide people to the nearest refill station. You can even ask businesses to become a refill station. 
  • Refuse straws, plastic bags and other stuff you don’t need. Maybe you want to take it a step further and reduce more single-use plastics? Check out some useful plastic free guides.


  • Do you want to establish a water refill station in your hotel, restaurant, bar or shop? And do you have publicly accessible tap (providing safe tap water)? You can change the stream of plastic bottles at its source, starting with a single refill station. You may benefit from increased exposure as a result.
  • Make sure people know your refill station exists. Add a window sticker, create posters and tell your customers about the refill station.
  • Add your refill station to one or multiple refill apps. We recommend you to use Refill, Closca, mymizu and/or RefillMyBottle. For more details, please read our blog.
  • Take the next step: in addition to water bottles, invite customers to bring their own reusable food containers, coffee cups and jars!

We understand concerns regarding refilling / reusing due to the coronavirus. In our opinion, it is possible to take some precautions, while still striving for low/no-waste. Check out these tips.


Refill Ambassadors is a non-profit organisation. All help is appreciated! As an individual or organisation, you can support us financially or with in-kind services. For example:

  • Make graphics or videos
  • Share our updates within your network
  • Write a blog

We are happy to discuss possibilities with you. Please get in touch.


Refill Ambassadors is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We collaborate with people all over the world. We are looking for all kind of experts or beginners that share our mission, want to have fun, and dare to fail. About us.



Hello reader! We are Roos, Félice, Madelief and Hella. Four Dutch girls from Amsterdam, around 30 years old. We collaborate with several refill organisations and refill ambassadors all over the world. We work independently. 

More about us: how sustainable are we ourselves? This is an interesting question. Let’s be clear: we are no zero-waste heroes, neither ‘green angels’. The easiest thing is to bring our own cups, bottles and boxes. Furthermore we try to be aware of our own footprint and make choices that work for us. For example we all love vegan food, though we must admit Madelief is the most creative DIY chef. Roos loves cycling, and even crosses half the city to visit a particular bulk store. Hella makes her own furniture from waste materials, while Félice follows the latest environmental friendly developments. Most importantly, we want to keep learning, have fun and inspire others to join the #Refillution. 


Refill Ambassadors is a nonprofit organisation. We work for free (a.k.a. fun) because we feel this project matters. We all have our own jobs so this project is done in our free time. The key is to keep expenses low and collect what we need. In 2019, we won the DESIGNSCAPES 1st Open Call grant (€5.000). In addition, we receive a tiny percentage when someone orders TAPP water filters using the discount code refillambassadors. We use this money to cover our operational costs.  

Do you like Refill Ambassadors? With your support, we can raise more awareness and build the refill movement. All help is appreciated! Our details:

Refill Ambassadors
Djambistraat 44-3
1094 BB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

  • Refill Ambassadors is registered as “Stichting Refill Ambassadors”
  • KvK (Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands): 75062623 / RISN: 860126857
  • IBAN number: NL56 TRIO 0379 6870 03  BIC/SWIFT = TRIONL2U


Join the #Refillution! We share latest updates on:


Questions? Do you want to establish a refill point for your business? Or become a refill ambassador yourself?

info@refillambassadors.com / +31 6 4095 3435





Posted by Hella on  30th May 2018
Being raised on a houseboat in Amsterdam with an average annual amount of 182 rainy days, I’m very much used to water. Clean water. All my life I used to drink tap water without even thinking about it. How different from most places in the world! This became clear during


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Imagine you are doing a beautiful hike in the Sacred Valley, Peru. It’s sunny and you’re at high altitude. You are reminded to keep drinking a lot of water. Your bottle is almost empty. Luckily there is a small café along the path where you can buy new drinks. You
We humans nowadays live up to around 80 – 90 years. This is peanuts for plastic bottles. They need around 450 years to decompose. 450 years? That means an empty bottle disposed today could still be alive until the year 2468. PET FOR DUMMIES Water bottles are made from PET (polyethylene